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Workplace safety company gains business advantages with Insperity

Focused on growth

Thompson Safety uses Insperity’s full-service HR offering to take care of the backend processes so they can concentrate on their explosive growth.

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The Challenge
  • Sustainably growing the business
  • Working with multiple vendors for HR services
  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations
The Solution
  • Full-service HR support to power growth at scale
  • Nationwide HR compliance support
  • Access to a high-quality benefits package
The Result
  • Exponential company growth
  • Lightened administrative load, maximized productivity
  • HR-related compliance across various locations

From back office to the forefront: harnessing HR as a key business driver

Comprehensive HR solutions from Insperity help this workplace safety company unlock a long list of business advantages for rapid growth.

Since its launch in 2018, Thompson Safety, a full-service safety company based in Houston, Texas, has expanded to 10 cities, 100 employees and millions in revenue. A “charge ahead” spirit was critical to its early growth. But when it comes to HR, the Inc. 5000 honoree realized it was time to slow down.

“Probably like a lot of entrepreneurs, we were guilty at times of running full force ahead without always thinking about the backend processes,” says Wendy Galland, vice president of sales, Thompson Safety.

By 2021, Galland and her team reached a point where they couldn’t keep opening new offices without better HR support. They chose Insperity, a fellow Houston-based business and leading provider of scalable HR solutions, to help them.

“With Insperity, we can go as fast as we want, without the backend being the restricting factor on our growth,” she explained.

Adopting a more comprehensive approach

Prior to working with Insperity, Thompson Safety relied on multiple vendors to handle “parts and pieces” of HR, meaning separate companies for managing and administering everything from payroll to employee benefits, 401(k) plans, and more. Admittedly, an employee “moonlighting as an HR manager in her not-so-free-time” struggled to keep the siloed components running cohesively, Galland explains. 

Insperity’s optimal blend of HR service and technology provides Thompson Safety with the tools needed to lighten its administrative load, maximize productivity and manage risks. By streamlining processes related to payroll, benefits, talent management and HR compliance, the company can operate more efficiently and focus on growth, all with greater peace of mind.

Galland says Thompson Safety understands the benefits of working with a single, full-service provider. After all, that’s exactly the role Thompson Safety plays for its clients, serving as a one-stop shop for workplace safety solutions, including first aid, safety supplies and training services.

“With Insperity, we can go as fast as we want, without the backend being the restricting factor on our growth.”

Wendy Gallard
Vice President of Sales
Thompson Safety

Better benefit solutions

Galland says Thompson Safety’s success would not be possible without its employees – they are the ones providing the high-quality customer service that helps the business stand out. Insperity’s HR service and support ensure the workforce feels supported and valued.

“It’s hard to have an employee believe that they’re valued if they don’t get paid on time, the onboarding process is super long and difficult, or they can’t access their benefits,” Galland explains. “Insperity has enabled us to smooth out these processes.”

In the past, Thompson Safety’s employees did not have as many health care plan options as they do now with Insperity. The additional plans provided by Insperity allow employees to choose the plan that best fits their needs, which has led to reduced costs for both Thompson Safety and its employees. It’s a win-win situation.

“In partnering with Insperity, we were able to ensure our employees had (access to) a much broader range of benefit solutions,” Galland says. “A lot of them found they needed less coverage than they had, which saved them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.”

Choose a partner that “gets you”

Galland recommends that companies planning for rapid scale partner with a PEO early on to ensure solid processes are in place, especially if they are growing across multiple states. Could you navigate different state HR regulations on your own? Maybe. But Galland cautions that doing so can be time-consuming and risky. When she has a question, she calls Insperity and gets an answer fast.

“Insperity will say, ‘Here is our recommendation, and here are all the facts to support it, so you can make the best decision based on this state’s requirements,’” she explains.

When evaluating HR partners, Galland suggests choosing one that will take the time to get to know your business and culture. Insperity provides “better advice, better coaching and better support” because it understands Thompson Safety’s job functions, services, processes, and goals, she says.

For example, Thompson Safety plans to open another three to five offices by the end of 2023, which will require at least 50 new hires. Galland credits Insperity with providing the HR infrastructure and streamlined processes the company needs to ensure a successful expansion and continue focusing on growth.

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