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Innovative packaging design company elevates culture with Insperity

HR support to fuel
explosive growth

As part of its people-first strategy, this Inc. 5000 honoree relies on Insperity to provide HR service, support and technology – along with access to big-company benefits for its growing workforce.

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The Challenge
  • Sustainably growing the business across the country
  • Employee access to better benefits
  • Attracting, retaining and supporting top talent
The Solution
  • Full-service HR support to power growth at scale
  • Access to a high-quality benefits package
  • Nationwide HR compliance support
The Result
  • Exponential company growth
  • Streamlined HR processes
  • Increased employee satisfaction

“With Insperity by our side as a partner, I know HR is the last thing I need to worry about.”

Robin Tan
Managing Partner

How Insperity helps Zenpack attract and retain top talent

As part of its people-first strategy, this Inc. 5000 honoree relies on Insperity to provide HR service, support and technology – along with access to big-company benefits for its growing workforce.

One of the hardest tasks for any business owner is employee recruitment. For Zenpack, a packaging design and manufacturing agency based in San Jose, Calif., recruiting talent used to be especially challenging. Zenpack was losing candidates to larger companies that could offer stronger benefits packages. That changed when Zenpack partnered with Insperity, a leading provider of scalable HR solutions that help streamline processes related to payroll, benefits, talent management and HR compliance – bringing businesses administrative relief and reduced employer-related liabilities, and bringing their employees better benefit options.

By providing Zenpack’s U.S. employees with access to big-company employee benefits, Insperity enables Zenpack – a 2022 Inc. 5000 honoree with six locations across the U.S., China and Taiwan – to attract and retain the talent needed to support its exponential growth. In alignment with Zenpack’s employee-first culture, Insperity helps ensure HR needs are met and the team feels supported.

Starting with a solid culture

Managing Partner Robin Tan says taking care of employees has been a priority since he and three college buddies co-founded Zenpack in 2015.

“All of us had been working in big corporations, so we knew what to do and what not to do,” he explained. “We always think employee-first.”

Tan describes the culture as laid-back, family-oriented and reflective of the founders’ values. “Our culture just naturally happened,” he recalled.

Although Tan has never “over-thought culture,” it has proven critical to Zenpack’s success. Because Zenpack puts people first, employees “do everything in their power to make sure the company goes in the right direction,” he explains. There is a high level of discretionary effort because employees feel valued.

The goal: make employees’ lives easier

A capable team and strong company culture, paired with a diversified client portfolio and a variety of packaging design and manufacturing solutions, allowed Zenpack to increase revenue by 250% from 2019-2021. As the team grew, Tan realized he would need help providing employee support.

In early 2021, he began assessing professional employer organizations (PEOs) that could provide comprehensive HR services in the U.S. He knew what he wanted: ease of access to resources for the team. Insperity stood out from the other four providers he evaluated because of its people and level of service.

“I picked the solution that made my employees’ lives the easiest” Tan said. “That is what is valuable to me.”

Growing the team – and keeping them happy

As of 2023, Zenpack’s global workforce totals nearly 100 employees. The company aims to increase revenue from $18 million in 2023, to $60 million in 2026 and $100 million by 2028. Recruitment and retention will be critical to the realization of its growth goals.

In the past, Tan believes the company lost a few potential hires because it wasn’t offering competitive benefits. Through the Insperity relationship, Zenpack’s U.S. employees have access to a 401(k) plan, health care coverage and many other benefits. Whether it’s Tan himself, the office manager or any U.S. employee who has a question, Insperity makes communication easy and stands ready to help make sure employees get the most from their benefits.

“I’m competing (for talent) with companies like Google, Apple and Facebook in my region,” Tan explained. “For me to be relevant in terms of benefits and pay, we need to do something different, and that’s where Insperity really comes in – to elevate our HR and support the needs of our employees.”

Hiring across the country

Given the rise of remote work, Zenpack, like many small and midsize businesses, is increasingly considering hiring talent in other U.S. states outside of its current locations. With Insperity’s full-service solution that is designed to handle HR-related compliance in each state, Zenpack can make hires across state lines more confidently and efficiently. Additionally, Insperity’s HR technology improves the candidate experience by digitizing the application and onboarding process, saving time for applicants and Zenpack.

“Night and day” difference

Employees who started at Zenpack prior to the Insperity partnership have noticed the impact the PEO has had on workplace satisfaction. “They tell me the difference is night and day in terms of how they can ask questions, how they can reach out, and all of the benefits that come with the partnership,” Tan said. He said that Insperity has also made a positive difference in employee retention.

Moving forward, Tan will have his hands full securing additional funding, overseeing a growing client portfolio and managing the team. He is grateful to have reliable HR help so that he can focus on other priorities.

“With Insperity by our side as a partner, I know HR is the last thing I need to worry about,” he said

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